EuMotus empowers health and fitness professionals with powerful data for more accuracy and consistency than ever before.

Rethink movement with BodyWatch™

BodyWatch™ is the first-ever portable movement analysis system that automatically evaluates functional body motion.

Powerful combination of technology

BodyWatch™ by EuMotus is a software and hardware solution that combines proprietary cutting-edge algorithms with the latest infrared-powered motion-tracking technology.

Harnessing the power of the Microsoft Kinect, a powerful 3D sensor, BodyWatch™ records the movement of over 20 body joints in real time and analyzes the biomechanics of more than 35 key body metrics.

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Designed for movement

Proper functional motion has become a key component of physical training and rehabilitation. BodyWatch™ efficiently and accurately assesses the quality of functional movements by objectively analyzing metrics captured in real time.

BodyWatch™ is marker-less (no need for cumbersome dot-suits) and does not require dedicated, pre-calibrated space. It’s affordable, versatile, and easy to use.


Real-time insights

BodyWatch™ generates objective measurements of active range of motion, movement stability, and symmetry in a user-friendly and easily sharable format in seconds.

Our interface is designed to help you pinpoint crucial insights quickly, while also allowing you to delve deep into the wealth of data collected.

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Widespread applications

Our technology is being used to empower several different fields.

Propel your practice to a new level

Save time with BodyWatch™'s automated functional testing protocols.

Showcase your work by tracking objective measurements of your clients's progress.

Engage with your patients like never before with new ways to talk about functional health.


Train smarter, train better

Optimize performance by using BodyWatch™ to analyze and perfect key functional movements that are the foundation for any sport's movement patterns.

Reduce injury rate by pinpointing and correcting defiencies and problematic movement patterns before they cause serious damage.

Unlock new insights

Save time and money with our affordable, efficient, and easy-to-use solution.

Easily tap into a wealth of data thanks to the lightweight and portable BodyWatch™, which can be used in a large array of settings.


Powerful data at your fingertips



Measure and record metrics for more than 35 key body mechanics automatically.


Capture motion with sub-centimeter accuracy using infrared technology.


Leverage powerful cutting edge technology to deliver repeatable results.


Work with clients in the office or on the go.


Provide instant analytics with real-time movement metrics processing.


Communicate with clients on a whole new level thanks to easy to understand reports, graphs, and video playback.