BodyWatch by EuMotus

EuMotus BodyWatch combines markerless motion capture with smart algorithms to easily measure human biomechanics and deliver powerful physical health insights in real-time.

Boost Engagement

Educate your clients and improve trust with easy-to-understand technology that clearly explains their physical condition.

Improve Health Outcomes

Leverage powerful data analytics delivered in a simple package to get your clients to achieve their best results.

Differentiate Yourself

Attract new clients by showcasing differentiated services and innovative technology.

What our clients say

Explore how our markerless mocap system has impacted these institutions.
Kur Sohn

Kur Sohn

DPT & Velofit Physio Owner

"EuMotus has been essential in how we approach patients rehabbing from injuries in the clinic... Can't recommend enough! "

Gar Trayner

Gar Trayner

KMS Director & '02 Olympian

"Our staff uses EuMotus's mocap system to systematically screen our athletes, set movement health baseline, and prevent injuries."

Nina Figueroa

Nina Figueroa

DPT & Base PT Owner

"EuMotus BodyWatch is a very efficient way to accurately measure motion analysis for an athlete."

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