About EuMotus

Founded in 2015, EuMotus strives to optimize human body motion by creating a platform and tools to better understand and analyze functional movement. We are passionate about human body performance and hope to propel our understanding of it through new and innovative technologies. Our offices are located in New York, USA.

Our story

Day 0: pull out of competition because of ankle sprain…hamstring strain…rotator cuff tendonitis…

Day 1: sent to physical therapy; prescribed 5-week rehab treatment
Day 7: start to feel better
Day 14: regain majority of range of motion
Day 18: rejoin team for training
Day 25: get back to competitive level…

Day 26: get injured again.

Sound familiar? This was the same experience that our two founders saw and underwent themselves throughout their NCAA D1 athletic careers. Suffering injury after injury, they realized that something systematic was causing this vicious cycle.

Being young and impatient, they were always overeager to get back to competing. Often, they and their fellow athletes would stop their rehab programs after they “felt” better. In actuality, they had only made about 80% of a full recovery. The remaining 20% was the key difference between full functional health and reinjury.

The issue: there was no way for their trainers and therapists to easily quantify and effectively communicate the progress of their recovery.

Today, at EuMotus, they are leveraging the latest technological advances to create systems that can help the general population move better, train smarter, and heal safer.