Frequently Asked Questions

How does EuMotus BodyWatch work?

Our 3D camera uses a specialized camera that combines RGB and infrared sensors to calculate and record the 3D coordinates of your client’s body joints in motion at 30 frames/second. Using specialized algorithms driven by expert knowledge, BodyWatch automatically creates a comprehensive movement analysis report, which includes measures of range of motion, stability, symmetry, and likely muscle imbalances. This report can be used to not only improve the assessment procedure but also track progress of recovery and performance over time.

How do your customers currently use EuMotus BodyWatch?

Currently, our customers use EuMotus BodyWatch to enhance their assessment protocols and client experience. They use our technology’s data-driven methodology and intuitiveness to educate and easily communicate with their clients about their functional health, and engage and excite them throughout the treatment process.

How is your video footage better than the 2-D video we already record?

2D video footage cannot be used to accurately measure multiple body angles. Also most 2D video systems require significant work to get any data out (e.g. manually identifying joints, drawing lines, etc). EuMotus BodyWatch automatically pinpoints accurate body movement data with little to no work required from you, thanks to our powerful 3D camera and algorithms.

Is it accurate?

Yes! White papers have compared our hardware accuracy to gold standards such as Vicon camera systems, revealing sub-centimeter differences. For movement joint angles, most standard errors are within 3-7 degrees. We also perform in-house studies and validation before incorporating any movement capture and assessment protocols.

How many body joints do you track?

Up to 26 joints.

How many exercises do you support?

Currently 25 exercises.

What if the exercise I want my customer to perform is not included in EuMotus BodyWatch?

Our “free run” mode allows you to capture movement data from any exercise and analyze the resulting data yourself.

What if I want to want to request new features or exercises?

We would love that! We work together with our customers to continuously improve the product over time.

How are you better than traditional motion capture systems?

EuMotus BodyWatch is faster, easier to use, portable, and more affordable.

How are you better than analog systems, such as functional movement assessments or goniometry?

EuMotus BodyWatch is faster and more accurate than analog systems. Many hand-held tools have been shown to have inter-rater reliability issues. Visual based assessment protocol rubrics are not particularly accurate. Both methodologies also require a significant amount of time for each client assessment. EuMotus BodyWatch provides objective and accurate data to the clinician or movement expert in very little time, in order to help enable the most well-informed decision.

How can I learn more before requesting a demo?

Check out our vimeo channel, download our brochure or send us a note at with your question.

How can I request a demo?

Send an email directly to or contact us through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

How can I subscribe to this service?

Send an email directly to or contact us through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

What does the subscription include?

Why do you have subscription / product as a service model?

We believe a service model best aligns customer and EuMotus incentives. By incentivizing ongoing customer dialogue, customer success we work together to make sure all of your needs are addressed. We continuously add value by updating the product through new features and exercises suggested by both customers and EuMotus.

Do you offer a trial period?

Because of the hands-on nature of our training, we do not offer a trial period. We do, however, give all of our new customers unlimited training and support to ensure successful operations.