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Auto-analysis: practical movement analysis for physical therapy.

Unknowingly, Henry started the EuMotus journey by getting injured while fencing competitively at the NCAA level.

Henry picked up a preventable non-contact ankle, knee, and hip complex injury complex. He was recommended physical therapy.

Henry started going to physical therapy. A ten visit plan seemed like overkill, since he felt much better at visit number 5. Being a young hot-blooded collegiate athlete, Henry discharged himself from PT only to return to sport too early.

In a story all too familiar to clinicians, Henry became injured once more. Very shortly he went from being a top 25 ranked athlete in his sport to cutting his athletic career short. He decided against a risky ankle injury surgery not guaranteed to recover him to his full potential. Henry hung up his boots.

As he continued thinking about his athletic career and injury, a few years later in graduate school, Henry had an idea. What if as a young athlete he had access to a tool that helped teach him proper movement form and biomechanics? What if he had stayed the course on his physical therapy regimen?

EuMotus was thus born! Researching the technology and motion capture landscape, there were not any practical mocap solutions for physical therapy. In interviewing scores of movement experts - physical therapists, athletic trainers, kinesiologists, orthopaedic surgeons, there was one common thread. Time with patients is limited for practitioners. While traditional mocap was great for accuracy in university lab settings, there was not a practical mocap solution for the clinical setting.

EuMotus created a fully markerless motion capture system designed and intended for the private practice physical therapy clinic. The solution was developed with ease of use in mind: from recording to objective measurements in under 1 minute with a single 3d camera and NO markers.

Get this data in as little as 1 minute
Objective AROM, stability, and symmetry findings for physical therapy patients by EuMotus.

Computer vision algorithms automatically recognize, and track the intended person's body joints - ankles, knees, hips etc. With the collected biomechanical information, our software presents all the data required to perform movement analysis on your patient - active range of motion is automatically calculated, movement instabilities and problematic movement patterns are identified, and symmetry differences are displayed for both bilateral movements and unilateral movements.

Physical therapy results
Our PT clients and other practitioners: How can we get to movement screen results faster?

While our clients love having this data at their fingertips, in many conversations, physical therapists let us know that they are sometimes unsure of how to best use this data in the treatment of their patient, never having had access to such data through their clinical education and training. Other clients asked us to create a summary of the current summary in an easy to understand way.

We took this feedback to heart and created the auto-analysis - making movement analysis easy and practical for the physical therapy clinic.

Auto-analysis for private practice physical therapy clinics - making movement analysis more practical for PT. Video and product by EuMotus.

We take the work out of motion analysis so you can focus on what you are great at and what you love doing - helping your patients get better.

We've added a higher level summary layer, building on top of our AROM and problematic movement patterns findings across body joints.

EuMotus provides markerless motion capture for physical therapy clinics to help improve patient health outcomes, and clinic business results.
Auto-analysis findings in plain text. For private practice physical therapy. Making movement analysis ever more practical for PT, so you can spend your energy on what you care about most - making your patients feel better.

Auto-analysis presents AROM and stability findings in plain language, noting overall score, as well as calling out specific instances of movement instabilities.

How would you use EuMotus movement analysis in your private practice section clinic? How do you foresee the auto-analysis making your life easier?


Results. Image by Gerd Altmann via Accessed August, 2019.

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