A practical motion analysis system designed with your needs and goals in mind.

Lightning fast process

Perform whole body movement analysis in under 3 minutes.

Measureable progress

Automatically record and showcase your clients' progress at the click of a button.

Engaging results

Captivate your clients by showing them the biggest issues with their movement.

Technology that simplifies your life

EuMotus BodyWatch is the state-of-the-art markerless motion capture and movement analysis system that combines cutting-edge research and technology into an easy to use package.


EuMotus BodyWatch leverages the latest in 3D imaging and advanced algorithms to deliver actionable insights in record time.

Yet Simple

EuMotus BodyWatch was designed with your day-to-day in mind, bringing you and your clients closer to your goals quickly and easily.

1 badass camera, 0 markers

Perform holistic 3D movement analysis in under 3 minutes.

25 functional movements

Leverage BodyWatch’s automated analysis of common movement patterns, such as overhead squat and wall angel, to get to the most relevant points quickly. 

38 biomechanical metrics

Access important and hard to measure metrics like active hip flexion, valgus knee, shoulder roll, and many more…

Results you can use

Active range of motion, stability, and functional asymmetries to set the foundation for your analysis.

Video playback because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Graphing capabilities to dive deep into complex movement patterns.

Shareable PDF to share with your clients and keep them excited about their physical health.

What's included?

All necessary hardware + software

We provide the whole package. You don't need to search for and buy additional hardware.

Human customer service

Whenever you need help, you get to talk to us. We're pretty cool. We promise.

All future updates

Rest assured that you will always have the latest version of the system. Never obsolete.