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"It's so heartwarming, it's just so awesome. I feel so bad about what's happening over there in Ukraine," she said, getting visibly emotional for a moment. "What those people are going through is just not right. The community, even when we did the first drive, the community wants to do something and you don't know what to do, so this type of drive (and) the last drive, it gives people an opportunity to feel like you're helping, and it is helping, because it's going right over there slot gacor hari ini and they need it so much."

Volunteering students laughed and joked around with each other as they took supplies from people driving through and loaded them onto four trucks.

Junior high students and lacrosse players Cooper Scanlan, Connor Swanson and Elijah Coleman said they were glad to help out. The trio was among the students sorting the supplies into the correct sections, so the hygiene items could be grouped together and the medical supplies were grouped as well, etc.

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