Join date: May 10, 2022

"Lombok is the Bali of 25 years ago," he tells us.

A new, bigger airport opened there a few years ago, but the island remains unspoiled and lush. Fringed by beaches strewn with coconut palms and covered with rainforest, it has all the beauty of a honeymoon destination.

We visit Sukarara, a weaving village, to watch women at work.

It takes a whole month to make one sarong, and although kebun binatang terdekat the workers don't pressure us, we can't resist buying one of their intricate designs. Afterwards, we find a boutique hotel on Mangsit beach for a spicy Indonesian lunch.

But the food is just as delicious on the ship. Choosing from different menus every night, we enjoy meals of succulent lamb, juicy prime rib and hot chocolate puds.

This is our first cruise, and three days in we are still discovering new things - like the library, quizzes and dance classes.

It's also possible to while away the hours doing nothing at all. Little nooks with comfy seating and giant windows can be found around the ship, to simply admire the wonderful views.

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