EuMotus BodyWatch Tutorial

Sophia walks through setting up the EuMotus BodyWatch system. Basic application and functionality are covered in the movement analysis software tutorial. Sophia walks an athlete through a quick set of overhead squat and wall angel exercises. An introduction is made to working with your client. Finally, Sophia reviews exercise results.


EuMotus BodyWatch Episode #1: Squat Demo and Evaluation

Sophia performs an in-depth squat demo and evaluation using EuMotus BodyWatch movement analysis software. Sophia digs into the biomechanics of squat form. Using EuMotus movement analysis, she screens herself for active range of motion, movement faults and has a first pass at investigating potential muscle imbalances picked up by the movement analysis software. Sophia makes an introduction to overactive muscle groups, in her case an overactive trapezius. Sophia also takes a look at underactive subscapularis muscles.


EuMotus BodyWatch Episode #2: Hip & Quad Dominant Squats and Correctives

In search of proper squat form, Sophia utilizes EuMotus BodyWatch movement analysis software in order to investigate the difference betwewen hip dominant and quad dominant squats. Sophia discusses problematic movement patterns including compensating movements. Using physical therapy software, Sophia identifies corrective exercises in order to address the movement instabilities identified.