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3D Markerless Motion Analysis for the Clinic CEU Course

EuMotus is excited to announce the first ever 3D Markerless Motion Analysis for the Clinic CEU course for #physicaltherapy! Where? The motion analysis CEU course is hosted on the continuing education platform. When? The course was published on October 23rd, 2018! Who is the instructor? Merci Greenaway is an Australian educated and trained physiotherapist. She is EuMotus’s lead scientist, and physiotherapist in residence. Merci sports multiple scientific pa

Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing 101

EuMotus co-founder and Harvard Business School graduate Boris examines physical therapy clinic marketing through a business lens. In our last blog post we established the significance of direct access to physical therapy in the US, the current state of physician referrals, and also examined potential differences between direct access patients and physician referred patients. So now that we have introduced context surrounding the importance of direct access, let’s start by thi

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