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3D Markerless Motion Analysis for the Clinic CEU Course

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

EuMotus is excited to announce the first ever 3D Markerless Motion Analysis for the Clinic CEU course for #physicaltherapy!


The motion analysis CEU course is hosted on the continuing education platform.


The course was published on October 23rd, 2018!

Who is the instructor?

Merci Greenaway is an Australian educated and trained physiotherapist. She is EuMotus’s lead scientist, and physiotherapist in residence. Merci sports multiple scientific paper authorships and publications, and has performed research at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. Most importantly, Merci is excited about helping empower PTs, and pushing the profession forward!

Why was this course created?

We surveyed the physical therapy continuing education unit (CEU) landscape, and outside of one off gait analysis / running biomechanics CEU courses we identified a gap in motion analysis course offerings. Namely, there was no comprehensive and systematic overview of all various forms of motion capture and analysis in clinical context.

Who is the motion analysis CEU course for?

The 3D Markerless Motion Analysis for the Clinic course is intended for physical therapy clinic directors, PT clinic owners, as well as new graduates and everyone in between. With the rapid progression of technology over recent years, barriers to motion capture, and motion analysis have drastically fallen. Utilizing evidence, and case studies, we aim to show that motion analysis is now accessible for any PT clinics who are interested in pushing the innovation envelope further.

What are the recommended course prerequisites?

Intellectual curiosity!

What will I learn?

The course will cover a brief history of motion capture, various motion capture systems and their accuracy, ease of use, and cost trade-offs, how these mocap systems compare to the status quo in most clinics - unaided visual observation. After a laying a foundation based on evidence, the course will jump into a case study to illustrate the practical aspects of how motion analysis can be incorporated in the clinical setting.

What other topics does the motion analysis CEU course add to/tie into?

Motion analysis ties well into evidence-based care, direct access, and marketing your rehabilitation clinic.

How will this course will help my clinic, staff, or my patients?

The right information at the disposal of the clinician has been shown to improve health outcomes. Motion analysis can demonstrate to patients, and referring physicians that your clinic is not different by virtue of purchasing a piece of equipment, but rather by incorporating a progressive methodology of aiding clinical reasoning with technology. Patient engagement, patient education, and patient retention improvements become possible by adoption of motion analysis.

Could you use this technology to differentiate your clinic, add new services (e.g. prehab), and add new customers?

Yes and yes!

Why take this course from EuMotus?

We are passionate about motion capture and motion analysis! Our mission is to remove barriers to the adoption of motion analysis for physical therapy clinics, and empower clinicians with powerful tools to help measure patient progress.

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