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A sweet mountain [1].

EuMotus is excited to announce we will be exhibiting at Private Practice Section Conference 2018 in Colorado Springs! Swing by EuMotus booth #137 at APTA Private Practice Section 2018 conference Nov. 7 – Nov. 10.

We are looking forward to meeting new partners, and catching up with those we already know.

What is EuMotus?

EuMotus is a Harvard founded physical therapy technology startup. We provide 3D markerless motion capture and motion analysis designed for the PT clinic.

Why are you attending APTA PPS?

We love learning. We like APTA PPS because PT clinic owners and directors steer the ship that is their physical therapy clinic(s). What we’ve heard speaking with colleagues and customers is that APTA PPS is the premier forum for discussing the health of the PT industry and business, and serves  as a bellwether for the state of PT industry and upcoming changes. Clinic owners and multi-clinic business executives have unique insight into all aspects of operations – from tracking health outcomes, ensuring clinic efficiency, to improving business measures of success such as improved patient retention, and adding new patients.

Why should APTA PPS attendees check out EuMotus? We’re glad you asked!

  1. Patient engagement and patient retention go hand-in-hand. We want to learn about your practice’s successful strategies on ensuring  patients complete their entire course of treatment successfully. We also gladly share examples of EuMotus client’s patient retention strategies in maximizing the lifetime value of a patient.

  2. Physical therapy marketing  and gaining new customers is vital to new and established clinics alike. At EuMotus we can share how our clients successfully use EuMotus technology to market themselves to current and new customer types.

  3. We are excited about learning how we can empower PTs to even further improve health outcomes and make positive difference in the lives of their patients. We see patient engagement, patient retention, and health outcomes all correlated.

Outside of business and health outcomes, at EuMotus we are also curious to learn about how private practice section members think of the shift towards objective and outcome based measurements and away from patient reported outcomes.

So let’s create the future together! Be sure to stop by our booth #137 to discuss and see how 3D motion capture can help your clinic, clinicians, and patients succeed. We promise that it will be fun and that we’re pretty cool to talk to as well!


[1] gorkhe1980 via

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