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Combined Sections Meeting 2018

The EuMotus team is excited to join APTA Combined Sections Meeting 2018 at booth #1706. This is our first time at CSM and we look forward to meeting new PT partners and friends in New Orleans!

Who is EuMotus?

EuMotus is a Harvard founded physical therapy tech startup designed to help the PT and PT clinic succeed by simplifying motion data capture and providing quick motion analysis for patients.

What does our product do?

EuMotus BodyWatch is a markerless motion capture and motion analysis system for physical therapy clinics looking to improve patient engagement, quickly and easily bring more data to the process, and differentiate marketing.

Why does this matter?

The motion analysis system is designed to get the patient to buy in to the treatment process and love your clinic and clinicians even more. Our PT customers use the system to get patients excited about the rehab or prehab process through exciting video and visuals. Physical therapists use the system for patient education, help in an initial assessment, and exercise data tracking in return to function/return to sport protocols.

Why should you swing by our CSM 2018 booth #1706?

Come get a quick movement screen and talk to us. We love meeting professionals in the field from across the country and answering your questions. We’re also pretty cool. We promise.

But why now?

Recent 3D sensing hardware and software technological advances have enabled and made motion analysis finally practical for PT clinic. Traditionally, motion analysis has been the domain of high fidelity biomechanical motion labs in the university. We’ve built a motion analysis system that is quick enough to be integrated into your clinic and has already been implemented in clinics in the US and internationally.

Researchers in physical therapy and biomechanics are also implementing the EuMotus BodyWatch motion analysis system into their research studies as well, given the lower capital and operational costs and resources required to obtain data.

If this sounds great, drop by booth #1706 or send us a note to schedule a time to talk with us!

See you at APTA Combined Sections Meeting 2018! Or as the locals may say, laissez les bons temps rouler!

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