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EuMotus at SPTS 2017

EuMotus to Exhibit at Sports Physical Therapy Section Team Concept Conference 2017

EuMotus is excited to announce itself as an exhibitor at the Sports Physical Therapy Section (SPTS) Team Concept Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 30 – December 2, 2017. SPTS is focused on advancing the profession of sports physical therapy and working towards more efficient and effective treatment methods. SPTS has an all-star cast of PT speakers lined up. Among a talented ensemble of PTs and other medical professionals, Mike Reinold will share learnings on the throwing athlete, Blaise Williams will share knowledge on the biomechanics of the lower extremities and the hip, while Dan Lorenz will discuss blood flow restriction performance training, as well as the safety of Olympic weightlifting. Finally, we will hear about keynote speaker Kevin Flike’s incredible personal journey in the military, physical therapy rehab and a successful post-military education and career.

SPTS Team Concept 2017’s agenda focuses on blood flow restriction, throwing shoulder surgical and non-surgical performance and restoration, difficult hip cases, and knee pain. The latter three topics can be challenging musculoskeletal conditions to treat. All three involve complex expert assessment and treatment. Due to the complex and painful nature of these issues, treatment of these conditions run into challenges such as shifting client mentality from a pain mindset to a functional health one, client adherence to treatment protocol, and ultimately, client retention.

SPTS [1]

So why is EuMotus attending SPTS Team Concept Conference 2017?

EuMotus is uniquely aligned with the sports physical therapist (PT) for three main reasons:

  1. EuMotus technology powers up sports physical therapists’ assessment protocols. We provide sports physical therapists with powerful yet easy to use assessment tools. Leveraging our markerless 3D-sensor-based human movement analysis system, a holistic client exam can be performed in just minutes. Our automated analysis requires no manual post-processing. Experienced PTs then leverage their expert knowledge and judgement to bring out deep and impactful movement analysis insights, providing the best treatment tailored to their clients’ unique needs.

  2. EuMotus data improves the engagement of PT clients, especially those with an athletic background. “If you can’t improve it, you can’t measure it.” Today, more than ever, athletes look to measure themselves in all ways possible. We would know. Our team incorporates Olympic athletes, ski champions, and collegiate athletes. EuMotus provides physical therapists powerful visuals that quantify their clients’ movement, including active range of motion, functional symmetry and stability faults. With their movement measured and scored, clients self-educate and better engage with their PT on their physical health. They are more are motivated to complete their treatment plan and can measurably observe their progress. . As a result, these clients’ satisfaction and retention increase.

  3. EuMotus boosts your visibility as a sports PT. By adopting a cutting-edge human movement analysis system, you firmly position yourself as a standout athletic-focused practice. The powerful visuals and videos generated by EuMotus are powerful marketing tools, perfect to showcase your experience and advanced technology through media like Instagram and Facebook. Current EuMotus clients have also showcased their athletic-focused capabilities at events at fitness centers and athletic institutions with the help of the EuMotus movement analysis system. Lastly, EuMotus empowers PTs with athletics-focused revenue generating services such as sports physicals and athlete screens.These services bring in performance clients, looking for “maintenance” work! No longer is an injury a prerequisite for a visit to the clinic.

EuMotus movement analysis software applied at a sports physical therapy clinic [2].

So why does the EuMotus team care? We are a team of current professional, Olympic and amateur athletes with a history of injury. Injuries have prevented Sophia from competing in the Olympics, cut Henry’s collegiate sporting career short and prevented weekend warrior Boris from competing in soccer and enjoying cycling. We want to empower PTs to better engage their clients and work towards perpetually improving performance, as well as avoiding injury! We only succeed if our customers succeed!

A lot of EuMotus customers fit the profile of the Sports Physical Therapy Section attendee. We believe that SPTS PTs are always striving to improve their client offerings and demonstrate their dedication to innovation by attending leading conferences such as SPTS Team Concept Conference and being early adopters of new technologies. The EuMotus team looks forward to meeting SPTS Team Concept Conference attendees in Las Vegas in a month and a half. At SPTS 2017, you can find EuMotus at booth #116.

Considering integrating movement analysis software for your sports physical therapy practice?


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[2] EuMotus

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