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Physical Therapy Marketing Calculator

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

As a business, your bottom line matters. We have addressed how motion analysis technology can improve patient retention in previous posts, but what about attracting new clients?

We’ve built a calculator to quantify the cost-benefit for increasing the number of new patients that walk through your door.

Current EuMotus markerless motion capture clients have reported increased numbers of new patients being attracted to their clinic by marketing their 3D motion analysis capabilities. Prospective patients are excited about clinics that harness technology to create a tailored treatment plan, with objective and traceable outcomes.

One way that our clients have found EuMotus gives them the competitive edge is through direct marketing at sports workshops and seminars.

We offer workshops and seminars where high school and college athletes see this device in motion people go wow! They see the lines coming up and they see how their movement can be more accurately depicted in a way that’s understandable for them, but also in a way that’s for us exciting because, “hey listen, this is why your knees are hurting” “Ohh, now I see it.”” – Jerry Yoo, Next Level Sports Physical Therapy

Featuring the technology on your website is another way to distinguish your company as a specialized and highly innovative.

So let’s get down to numbers! We’ve built this simple calculator to quantify how using this technology can be used for physical therapy marketing to generate revenue at your clinic.



Number of new patients per month through markerless mocap marketing – how many new clients per month do you think you can add by marketing your clinic through exciting new technology and movement screening services?

Revenue per client visit is the average revenue booked for each client visit.

Outputs – calculated values and their formulas

Patient lifetime value = revenue per client visit * average number of visits per client. Lifetime value of a patient is the average total expected revenue per patient.

Incremental revenue = patient lifetime value * number of new patients. Incremental revenue is the total revenue your clinic brings in through

Return on investment = incremental revenue – cost / cost.


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